Things I can do

  • Build a user-based social website
  • Build a blog
  • Use Wordpress to make your website even more awesome
  • Use CSS and JS frameworks to enhance your website
  • Make your website available through SEO and social media
  • Build a portfolio or personal website
  • Work with CSS3 and jQuery animations
  • Work with MySQL servers
  • Responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet

Languages I work with

  • CSS3/CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL

My Standards

I work with HTML5 and CSS3, the latest web standards. I love clean coding, and always use it when working on projects. By clean coding I mean organised (possibly commented) and well-spaced coding. I believe clean coding makes clean and good websites. I always try to make the websites I make as search engine optimized as possible.

Some additional information

I love coding. It's my hobby, my passion. I've done it for fun for about 6 years. I am motivated to make the best products and websites possible. I am learning new stuff every day that passes. I've made dozens of websites, just to test my limits. I love the feeling of working out a problem, may it be design, scripting or server-side. If you want to check out what I can do more by looking at my products, you can click on any of the pictures to see for yourself. Keep in mind that some of the websites and products I've made are from a year ago or even further. Here's a link to my achievements on Codecademy. I'm also currently at electrician school, and will continue my education in information technology next year (that's how it works in Norway).

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