Håkon Underbakke

Håkon Underbakke

Hello! My name is Håkon Underbakke. I'm a 17 year old web designer and developer from Suldal, Norway. I really really love making stuff. I've used coding as a way to give life to my ideas for about 4 years now. I have done lots of personal projects for practise, most of which are discontinued. I started designing on websites that allowed custom css on profiles (Nettby, Webs.com, piczo - funny that neither of which allow custom css/exist anymore) - googling for fun "css hacks and tricks". This hobby developed into a very useful and practical skill that I've done professionally for the last year besides school.

I also love music (you have no idea), some favourites include Alt-J, Avenged Sevenfold, The Districts, Daft Punk and Gorillaz (Check me out on last.fm). I've also played drums for about 7 years, and recently picked up the guitar and ukulele.

Fun fact: "http://haakon.underbakke.net" has been redesigned atleast 10 times the past two years.

I have been doing web design and development for 4 years, professionally for the last. I am an expert at HTML and CSS and I am very capable at Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL(i) and Photoshop. I can design your front-end content (the layout, design, positioning, animations) as well as develop your back-end (database, information storage, login-systems).

I can do websites in English or Norwegian, I usually charge around 150kr (~21usd) per hour - depending on the situation (if you need back-end developing, maintenance). I'm easiest to communicate with via email, but you are free to contact me through Twitter, Facebook - or text/call me at 984 94 271.

I've done lots of (now discontinued) personal projects, some of which you can find at Schart.net and my Github. I'm currently developing Vikingchan and working on Ryfylke Bok & IT's website as well as Frisøren på Osen.