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The Schart Network Disappeared & My Future Plans

I’ve thought about this for a long while, and I’ve just never gotten myself to do it. But I have officially discontinued The Schart Network. There will be no new “Schart Network”, I am officially done with it. This was my first ever big project, a mixture of trying to create a small community, making products and trying to make original and useful tools for developers and designers like myself. It was my “playground”, and has been for the last 4 or so years.

Let’s get nostalgic about the old schart network. “A Community for Geeks, Developers & Gamers” I think the tagline was. It was actually pretty fun, I made hacks for the (at the time) custom webs websites. I made random quotes, a share popup that worked with the webs profiles, a drop down message handler and a few other things that people actually used. It was a great way for me to develop my coding skills. I haven’t seen my skills grow as much as they at that time at any other point in my “programming timeline”.

Anyways, this was just a quick rant about it as I am finally ready to put it behind me. What I’m currently doing is trying to make some extra money off of my web development skills, and I still make fun projects every now and then, I’m just very busy with school, and work next year, and I might be for a while. I am considering putting myself back into programming for real at some point, but for now it’s just a skill I know that is useful every now and then. 

I still love web design and it’s community and I’ll never not love it, don’t get me wrong. 

New homepage

So I decided to make this blog my new homepage. I moved the Norwegian website service over here, and did a quick design update. This blog should now be located at


So today, I really wanted to make something new, and I’ve had this idea before but never really taken the time to act on it. So here is my new project: proj_code

proj_codeGithub - Demo

Six Things Every jQuery Developer Should Know

A great presentation.

Programming in automation is awesome

I go electrician school in Norway. We have 3 different electrician-based classes, “high voltage”, “low voltage” and automation.

In automation, we use LOGO!Soft Comfort to program a Programmable Logic Controller. Here’s a snippet of how it looks.

LOGO!Soft Comfort

for those wondering, this is a program to control a conveyor belt.

Working with Github

So I’ve finally gotten the chance to try out Github, and I’ve got to say it’s amazing. I have never before worked so efficiently with other people. Right now, I’m working with a couple of guys from Reddit building a simple CSS reset that looks pretty.


So for those unfamiliar, Github works like this: A repository is like a shared folder. This is where we all pull the files from. Then we separately edit them, and then add them, commit them, redo if there’s any code that overwrites itself, then push our files to the repository again. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Anonymous said: In what direction is Schart Network being directed? Is there an ETA, will there be new features anytime soon?

The Schart Network is currently not being worked on. I will probably go by it every now and then, maybe I’ll start working on it again but for now I am not.

Thanks! - Schart

I really want to make a new navigation menu.

And I will. Like totally different. The one I currently use is just so… ugly :/. I want to make it on the top of the page, Like it sliding down when you hover. I don’t want to say too much yet, since I have just a small idea of what it’s going to be like. Just wanted to post this. may be buggy or weird the next day or two (or maybe just a couple of hours, who knows) for designing the navigation.

Private snippets, and some more updates!

I’ve been working a lot on snippets today. As you probably know, you can (could) simply go to /download.php?id= or /preview.php?id= and put something random after ID and maybe end up going to someone’s snippet. Although Snippets was made to be shared, I also think you should be able to use them for whatever you might like, be it private lists, work-in-progress or (although not recommended) sensitive information. So I’ve added a “private” function, which basically hides your snippet from anywhere but the editor. You can’t preview, download or view the snippet on “Browse Snippets” or the stream if it is private, and only you can open it in the editor. (If you are wondering, the editor checks if it is your snippet before opening it, so there is no way that other people can open your snippet in their editor as far as I know). Not a massive update, but I think it was pretty necessary. If you have any further questions about privacy or want to report bugs, give feedback or just leave me a message, contact me at