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about me / experience

Hi! My name is Håkon Underbakke, I'm 18 years old and from Norway. I've been coding since 2008, in various different languages. I've been mainly focusing on front-end web design but I also have experience working back-end languages.

These are three languages that I know very well, and I feel very comfortable with. I've been using these technologies since I started and I try to keep up on the latest updates and news with them.

These are also languages I use a lot, but am not as comfortable with and do not have as many years of experience with. I still use these every day and I feel like I am able to use them to achieve almost whatever I want, though maybe not in the best way.

These are frameworks and CMSs that I have experience with and use with my projects.

These are productivity apps that I use to write good code, and communicate with teams in a productive and structured way.

I'm currently going to IKT-Servicefag (IT-School) at Gand VGS, and I take courses at Codecademy (achievements).

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