Håkon Underbakke

Håkon Underbakke

Hello! My Name is Håkon Underbakke

I'm a 17 year old web designer and developer from Suldal, Norway. I really really love making stuff. I've used coding as a way to give life to my ideas for about 4 years now. I have done lots of personal projects for practise, most of which are discontinued. I started designing on websites that allowed custom css on profiles (Nettby, Webs.com, piczo - funny that neither of which allow custom css/exist anymore) - googling for fun "css hacks and tricks". This hobby developed into a very useful and practical skill that I've done professionally for the last year besides school.

I also love music (you have no idea), some favourites include Alt-J, Avenged Sevenfold, The Districts, Daft Punk and Gorillaz (More about my music). I've also played drums for about 7 years, and recently picked up the guitar and ukulele.

Fun fact: "http://haakon.underbakke.net" has been redesigned atleast 10 times the past two years.

For the Average Customer

I have been doing web design and development for 4 years, professionally for the last. I can design your front-end content (the layout, design, positioning, animations) as well as develop your back-end (database, information storage, login-systems).

I can do websites in English or Norwegian, I usually charge around 150kr (~21usd) per hour - depending on the situation (if you need back-end developing, maintenance). I'm easiest to communicate with via email, but you are free to contact me through Twitter, Facebook - or text/call me at 984 94 271.

For the Experienced

I am an expert at HTML and CSS and I am very capable at Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL(i) and Photoshop. I know my way around the terminal, and I have experience working with Github. I usually do my work through an FTP manager, like Coda 2 (I work on Mac OS X, but I also have many years of experience with Windows) though.

My Work & Experience

I've done lots of (now discontinued) personal projects, some of which you can find at Schart.net and my Github. I'm currently developing Vikingchan and working on Ryfylke Bok & IT's website as well as Frisøren på Osen. I also consider myself a part of the early Webs.com customisation community, I made lots of hacks and designs over there when we had the ability to - after that I moved on and made small apps and templates for other designers before working professionally. We hang out at Twii if you wanna stop by.